Simple approach.

1. Send profile of Home Stay family to parent/student
2. Meet with parents/student during orientation week to discuss rules/policies
3. Coordinate meeting with home stay family.
4. Provide follow-up reports to parents on 5 occasions throughout the year.


In this program, students live with carefully selected families who act as guardians and mentors during the students’ time at Niagara Academy of Tennis. This is an important part of the learning process and program at Niagara Academy of Tennis and these families act as a home away from home. Many of the host families have been with Niagara Academy of Tennis for several years and they are spread across the Niagara region from Niagara Falls to right next door to the academy in Vineland. Many of our host families have made lifelong friendships with the students and they continue to visit and stay in contact.


In addition to providing accommodation, meals, laundry facilities and transportation to and from Niagara Academy of Tennis, host families have helped students from non English-speaking parts of the world to develop their fluency in the English language. They are sensitive to cultures from other countries and help students adjust to their new environment by providing a supportive, family atmosphere. Often they tour them around the region helping the students to encounter new experiences and become more familiar with the Canadian way of life.


Students are greeted by staff at the airport and taken to their host family house. Some families only host one student at a time while others take different students together. Students go through the day to day routine with their family and learn independence, responsibility and life skills. If students ever experience problems or homesickness, the families and school staff are there to support them. Throughout the school year they often celebrate holidays with their family.

Since this is a sports academy, families are conscious of the importance of training, academics, rest and provide healthy meals and peaceful living surroundings. Students and staff arrange social outings on weekends quite regularly.


For some students it is an opportunity to learn to do new things around the house that they have never done and a chance to hone their domestic skills. Host families take in students as their own and students are expected to follow family rules and contribute as a family member. For many of our students, the host family has become their second home or Canadian home.

Home Stay Fees: Home stay fees are included in tuition term fees. Daily fees are available upon request.


CHANGING THE GAME has a website parents may wish to access to learn more about making the game of tennis a good experience for their children.

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  • To read a chapter on CONFIDENCE from John O’Sullivan’s book, Changing the Game.

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More information may be found on our HOME STAY FLYER.

You may also wish to consult our HOME STAY MANUAL.

If you are interested in becoming a Home Stay family, please contact Maria Delgado at mdelgado@niagaraacademy.ca or at 905-562-0683 or fill out our HOME STAY FORM.


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