We are very pleased to announce that for the month of October, Emma Shea has been selected as NAT’s Academic Student of the Month and Rhea Sivakumar as NAT’s Athletic Student of the Month.

Emma is a grade 12 student from North Bay, Ontario and was nominated by our teachers for a magnitude of reasons. Not only is Emma ambitious and diligent in her studies, she is also a fabulous mentor to her peers. She is dedicated to producing quality work and asking questions in order to further her own understanding. Emma is ambitious, focused and organized, and continues to portray this on a consistent basis.
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Rhea is a grade 10 student, originally from Sydney, Nova Scotia and was selected by our Head Coach, Walter Garcia. One of the top reasons for her selection, is due to her commitment and perseverance over the past 3 years, which granted her the ability to win her first ever Provincials (U14).
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Congratulations Emma and Rhea, on this well-deserved recognition!