Doubles Strategy Clinic - Winter 2022

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Clinics are designed to move you along the adult pathway & improve your game efficiently in singles & doubles. All programs level 2.5 and above require an assessment of competitive excellence to ensure the integrity of the program.

This clinic is for level 3.0 players and above, aiding players who want to learn more about doubles with drills designed specifically for position and movements serve and return and patterns of play. Court positioning and movement are covered for all 4 players and will bring renewed confidence to your doubles game.6:1 Ratio Student/pro.

Starting date: January 10 or January 13, 2022

Mondays 10:00 am
Thursdays 1:00 pm

Duration: 1.5 hours per week for 8 Weeks

Cost per person:
- $320
Non-member - $360

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Niagara Academy of Tennis
3373 First Avenue
Vineland, Ontario
L0R 2E0